Surveying and Engineering, Inc.
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Welcome to Rock Surveying and Engineering

Rock Surveying & Engineering Inc. was founded in 2007 as a land surveying company providing services to local, state and federal government and government-related companies in Florida.  Located in Wellington, Florida, Rock Surveying & Engineering Inc. provides professional surveying services along with excellent customer service.  Only through personal, thorough and continuous communication and proper follow-up with our customers, can we meet our customer’s surveying needs and surpass their expectations. 


Rock Surveying & Engineering Inc. is currently SBE certified with the City of West Palm Beach and is a registered federal vendor.

CAGE # 5S4S7


We specialize in the following types of surveys:


Boundary Survey- A boundary survey establishes the property lines and its relationship to the above ground improvements on a parcel of land. 


Topographic Surveys: A Land Survey that obtains vertical data relative to an established vertical datum of the ground. 

Construction Survey-  A survey to position on the ground physical structures and/or improvements that have been designed for a particular tract of land.

Utility Surveys- Survey to locate underground utility markings. 


ALTA/ACSM Surveys-

Some of the specifications of this type of Survey include determining property lines, location of improvements, identifying all easements, utilities and other conditions affecting the property. ALTA surveys are very comprehensive surveys.  


Route Surveys-  A design survey that will be used a s a base for design of new improvements, such as roads and improvements to drainage systems, sidewalks, railroads, canals, utility lines and pipelines.


Quantity Surveys-  Survey to quantify material for various purposes.

Control Surveys-  A Land Survey that established primary Horizontal and Vertical control for a multiple type of projects such a s boundary surveys, mapping for aerial photographs, construction staking, or other needs


Hydrographic Surveys- Collect data relating to bodies of water, and may include the water depth, bottom contours and configuration and the location of fixed objects for navigational purposes. 


Mean High Water Line Survey- The location of the mean high water line may be necessary for construction and development or to determine the extent of public rights over private property along tidal water. 

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